Call of Tanks

Call of Tanks is not difficult to play RTS game on y8 . You need to convey tanks in the combat zone to overcome your adversary. Sending the right units as an ideal blend is the way to win the fight. Remember to redesign your guards and tanks for a more grounded assault and open amazing bases for a more grounded protection.

The player assumes responsibility for a solitary defensively covered tank or self-impelled gunnery vehicle of their decision, and is set into a fight on an arbitrary guide. The player has command over the vehicle's development and terminating. 

A basic irregular game is dominated either by annihilating all vehicles in the rival group or catching the rival group's base by remaining in it for quite some time without being harmed by another tank. There are other game modes that change the standards of the fight on, however ongoing interaction mechanics continue as before.

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Instruction to play:


Drag and drop the tank card inside marked area of your base