Tube Clicker

Are you curious about the work of a Youtuber? When you watch the videos or develop your channel that will bring you a great amount of money. Today, you will understand how to earn money from video page views of online video sharing sites like in the Tube Clicker game at y8 Games free.


This will be one of the ways to make more money that you can learn based on the simulations of this game. Your task in this game at kids y8 games is to click on your video player to get money. You will find the interface similar to Youtube and this simulation game also attracts players from around the world to interesting things you can hardly ignore. Do you want to be famous?


However, there are more tasks to upgrade the channel and increase the income rather than just clicking on the video. Streaming is only one option, but with many other boosters and advertisements, your wallet will fill up faster! After you gain a certain number of views, you will have your own money. 


Get ready for making money with this new approach in the game. In addition, you also have the opportunity to participate in other games similar to this game in our website as Millionaire 2018. Each game will help you create a new world of inspiration. Let's start clicking at Much time!

Instruction to play:

click and interact with your left mouse.