is a defense game. Let us protect the building from a hateful virus! Pick up your disinfectant to shoot them, kill those viruses. Otherwise, you will be infected, be ill. Let us fight for our health! Try to maintain isolation to prevent malicious viruses from destroying your home and infecting to you. 

A powerful hand sanitizer that can scare away even the most vicious viruses will help you. To kill those viruses you must keep shooting. There will show up some special props, shoot them, they will help you too. Pay attention to the blood, when the blood empty, you will get the illness.

You will not have to play this game alone but share it with your friends. Invite your friends to join right now in the game to be able to train yourself to be the best brain. Let's explore to add a few other similar games like DuckPark io and at

Instruction to play: