Warscrap.io is an intense third-person shooting and defense game which you can play on y8 games online for free. Are you good at shooting? Make full use of your strength to protect your world and save your life in this game. The aliens are going to invade the world and destroy all the modern machines that the science built in the desert. Defend the machines against enemy invasions together with your fellow fighters.

Name your character and join the arena. You are in a vacant land, the enemies jumping from the airplane. You possess a gun and a sword, use them to attack your enemies. If they are far from you, use the gun to shoot them constantly to kill them, if they are approaching you, swing the sword to slay them. Don’t let them attack you or you will get hurt and lose the game. As you progress, you can buy new guns and characters with the energy that you receive during battle to kill the foes faster in y8 kid games.


You get a warning when an enemy is attacking one of your machines. Come to them and eliminate them and prevent them from destroying your base. Your health is 100 in the beginning and it decreases when you are wounded, you die when it runs out. Each match lasts a certain amount of time and you can respawn many times if you die. Your enemies usually have no gun but a few of them has a weapon. Watch out and be careful with them and don’t let them attack from your back.

Prove that you are an elite soldier and you are able to save the world!

If you are keen on this type of them, please rate it highly and tell me your feelings. Don’t forget to invite your friends to the war with you. Explore many games like SkyRoyale.io and Junglz.io at http://y8games.games/.

Instruction to play:

Use WASD to move, E to open shop menu, L to lock/unlock mouse, right-click to switch weapon, Spacebar to jump, and left-click to attack.