Eliza Winter Coronation

Princess Eliza assumes the throne this winter. She's getting ready to be queen. This is a very significant event for a girl. A princess must be irresistible at her coronation. Eliza's favorite season is winter, so the holiday will take place with the onset of cold weather. Let's travel to Eliza's magical ice kingdom and help her prepare for her coronation. First of all, you need to tidy up the skin, use care cosmetics to get rid of problems and imperfections on Eliza's face.

Tidy up the skin, use care beauty care products to dispose of issues and defects all over. Then, at that point, comes the cosmetics. Focus on the style this colder time of year, use shades of blue, white and gold. Then, at that point, style the princess' hair in an evening hairdo and match precious stone gems. At last, pick a lavish ball outfit and shoes for your royal celebration. Have a great time playing this game here at y8games online!

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Instruction to play:

Left mouse button or touch.