is first 3D battle royale .io game that you can play here on y8 games online. Enter the game choose your charachter wait untill the game starts and battle royale. The battle itself takes place in red cube. At the beginning you'll see a timer. Your mission is to remain the one only who will survive. 


You will start alongside all of the other players in the lobby with no weapons. You must quickly search the map for any weapons available for you to pick up and use to defeat the other players. You should get in to the cube before time is out. If you happen to stay outside of the cube at that moment it's an instant death.


To win this game at y89, you must be the last player standing, defeat as many players as you can without dying and you will be crowned champion! You can find all sorts of different weapons or you can also craft cool stuff from the items that you have found. Be the last man standing, good luck!


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Instruction to play:


Arrow keys / WASD to move

Left click to shoot

F to interact

12345 to switch items

E to enter craft menu