Wonder Woman Lookalike Contest

Welcome to a very attractive fashion game that has just been released Wonder Woman Lookalike Contest at y8 games This is an online fashion game that you can play for free on your computer and your mobile phone. The Disney house princess is a loyal fan of Wonder Woman.

The girls are planning to be able to participate in the competition and find the perfect person. Can you help make-up and choose clothes? When starting the game, your first mission is to make up for the first girl. You will choose foundation, eyeshadow, eyelash, and lipstick. Then choose the most suitable hairstyle for her, followed by a sexy shirt and skirt with the handbag. Many different styles are depending on your preference for choosing what you think is the best. The second girl is waiting for you to wear makeup.

You think you will choose which background girl to match this red hair. I believe that your fashion style will help you complete the challenge that the game offers. You then select the same steps as the first girl. What about the third girl? Are the red lips suitable for her? It all depends on your choice. These are only available in the game Wonder Woman Lookalike Contest at ... Don't forget to share this game with your friends and invite your friends to join the game today so you can experience the many fun games the game offers. What do you think if I join some other similar games like Princess Couple Wedding Preparation and Lavender Dream at  y8 for girls

Instruction to play:

use the mouse to complete the challenge