Evil Nun Schools Out

Play Evil Nun Schools Out for free on Y8 games. You're in Detention beyond school hours! What are your usual activities during that time? Let's put that out of our minds. You must flee this time! You have five days to complete your task. You're confined, and the Evil Nun is keeping an eye on you! EVERYTHING is audible to her! So try to be as quiet as possible! To open the main door, solve riddles while avoiding her. The goal of the game is to try to get away from the terrifying demonic nun that stalks the school halls and listens for any disturbance!!! In escape mode, look for the mummy to shoot and defeat while running, or play Shooter mode and look for the mummy to shoot and defeat while running.

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Instruction to play:

Escape Controls: W,A,S,D to move; F to interact/hide/use item; G to drop item; T to Unhide; Escape to pause; Left CTRL to crouch

Shooter controls: W A S D to walk around; Mouse to Look around; Left Mouse Button to Fire; Right Mouse Button to Aim; Mouse Wheel To Change Weapons; G for Grenades; R to Reload; F to Pickup Items; Left Shift to Run; Left CTRL to Crouch; X to Prone; Space to Jump