Camp With Pops

You have a lot of responsibilities when joining Camp With Pops game online at y8 new game. First, you will decide to participate in outdoor activities. You need to be instructed to do different steps to accomplish your task. If your friends are eager to perform different tasks, assign tasks to each one in this game with Pops. After that, you can relax in the comfort of your tent.


Do not forget to finish the tent before dark. Players can choose different tents with different colors to complete their tastes. This game at y8y8 games have a lot of interesting points as well as you have the opportunity to challenge your fishing ability. Choose the necessary equipment as directed and go fishing in the stream. Do you have the tools you need to bring?


Try to guess and follow the steps to catch the fresh fish for dinner. Natural scenery awaits you exploring with special attention. After the fishing, prepare an outdoor party that you will hardly forget of Surely this will be one of the most fun games you want to invite your best friends to join the best party.


In addition, you have the opportunity to play this game many times with 3 main activities that any picnic cannot be ignored. Challenge the other teams with the same games as the Backwater Fishing. Outdoor activities not only help you better but also make you more comfortable spirit. Enjoy these sweet moments at our website. 

Instruction to play:


Use your left mouse to control the items in this camping game