Running Ninja

Running Ninja at games y8 online is a perfect combination of action and puzzle game in which players will have to use their skills and flexibility. This game requires you to have good observation skills and the ability to react to dangerous situations. Are you ready to challenge your ability?

The game is simple as your only task is to collect the items while avoiding all the sharp spikes. However, the spikes are arranged in a special position. How can you overcome these spike? Try your best to jump between the spikes and avoid all the obstacles on the way or the game is over. Speed is also one of the essential factors that you should pay attention to during this dangerous journey.

The speed of the game will be increased when you survive for a long time. Your time will be recorded for ranking later, so if you want to write your name on the Leaderboard, it's crucial that you stay alive for as long as possible. This Y8 game is a long game, which means the game only ends when your character hits the spikes or the obstacles.

Are you ready to challenge your skills and compete against many talented players? The game is ready for you! If you want to play more games, check out Santa Street Run and Jet Boat Racing.

Instruction to play:

Controls: play the game with your mouse.