Noob Fall

Let's assist Noob in his new adventure! Using a large stick, you must stop from time to time in order to reach the finish line alive. Keep your eyes peeled because we have plenty of awesome traps for you! Don't linger too long because the clock is ticking.

Help the Noob Fall gracefully in one of the best new skill games 3d we've brought along for you all in this beloved Minecraft Games category, where we are always trying to bring along the best original productions on the internet, and this one has certainly been one of the games we were most happy to produce!

We suggest gaming tips and movement skills so that players can complete this exciting journey with the most basic skills. In addition, you can also expand the game world with other special games on the same list with this new game like Noob Button 1 at y8y8 games online. Each game will be a repeating world. and you're opening the content one after another. 


Instruction to play:


Use your mouse or touch-screen.