Dev Vs Deadline

The battle against the deadline is always so serious. Here in this new Y8 free game, the main character has slackness and procrastination so it's hard for him to keep up with the work. It's your chance to beat the deadline while having fun with constant clicking. Dev vs deadline is a clicking game with one of the easiest rules yet exciting enough for the kids. The main theme is combined with clicker mode.

If you want to help the Dev to finish his task before the deadline, start clicking and don't stop! Of course, drinking coffee is a must to make the dev works faster and give him a boost. While you are clicking, there will be temptations such as NSFW, JAV and many more that prevent him from working.

Don't click on these icons since they can make him slack off from the flow! Look at the top of the game screen at There are two bars running at the same time. The red bar shows the approaching deadline, while the yellow one shows your working process. While you click constantly, the yellow bar will slowly fill up. The moment you stop clicking, it will remain unchanged.

When his progress is full, you will win. However, if the deadline bar is filled before the work bar, the game is over. It's fun to click and run against the time! We have other game selections with the same theme such as Slenderman and Killer Clown or Tetro Cube for you to enjoy after this one as well.

Instruction to play:

Click to make the character work.