Repair Ice Cream Truck

Wow! A fair will take place at free Y8 game soon. You should come and bring your ice cream truck! There will be many people at the fair so you can sell lots of ice creams and earn extra money. But your truck is really dirty now. Come to Repair Ice Cream Truck shop at game free y8 to repair and glam up your truck.

First, you need to lift the truck and use the pliers to remove the splinters. After that, clean the truck and dry it to prepare for the next step. Now your task is to paint the car. This is the most important task because the color of the car is a crucial factor to attract customers. Choose your favorite color and use the decoration to make the car more beautiful. It's done! What is the next task? If you forget it, don't worry.

You can check the hint board in the right corner. You will see the list of the tasks that you have done and the one that you haven't finished. Have you found your tasks? You still need to install the door, clean the window and inflate the tires. Take your time to do each task carefully. When you are satisfied with the truck, it's time to drive it to the fair! This is a cute game which is most suitable for girls at

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Instruction to play:

Instruction: play with your mouse.