Miss World Contest

Miss World Contest is a beauty contest held on a worldwide scale at y8 Games for girls. The game brings an ideal environment to the girls who are beautiful, talented and confident about themselves. This is also a great opportunity for you to show your fashion, understanding, communication skills and position yourself in the international beauty arena. Are you ready to participate in this beauty contest at y8 com school?

To become a beauty queen, you will have to pass three main tests: bathing suit, dress and behavior. For each section, you will need to prepare many skills and basic knowledge about the costumes and situations. In the swimsuit section, your task is to choose and combine the swimsuit costumes that give the audience a sense of freshness, charm and uniqueness. Don’t forget to combine these with different hair styles, accessories such as earrings or necklaces and elegant makeup style.

After completion of this section at free online y8 Games, you will enter the contest with prom dresses. Your ultimate goal is to become a beautiful and splendid princess in the contest. With elegant and delicate dresses, I believe you will be joining other accessories to become a glittering star in the competition at http://y8games.games.

Finally, choose your most unique crown and enter the beauty contest right away. If you want to experience more, go to the list of games such as Princess Winter Shopping Online and Vanessa Hudgens Style

Instruction to play:

Controls: The players can use the mouse to play the game.