is a multiplayer platformer io game that you can play here on y8,com. Play as bat and attempt to pass the game level by level not cuaght by monster or destroyed bu giant spikes! You mission is to reach the end of the game. This game is quite difficult only for very skilled players! You must reach the end of each level surviving monsters, balls, difficult obstacles, and even giant spikes. 


At y8 1 player, because is a multiplayer game you'll by accompanied by other players. On the way, you'll meet spikes, some kind of wrecking balls, monsters and many more other obstacles. They may bother you. Become a bat and make your way to complete map full of traps! It is not an easy job as there are various traps waiting for you along the way, not to mention to challenging platforms that you must beat as well. 


First, you can push some disturbing one towards the spikes or whatever. After that, you may use other player to jump higher, simply hop over and go on flying. Find ways to work as a team with other players to overcome the difficult challenges that levels present. E.g, a good idea is to jump on other players to jump higher. Use the chat to talk with other players. Compete against other players to be the first player to complete the map! 


In addition, there's a chat you may use for conversations with other players. You can play a similar game such as in Much time!

Instruction to play:


Use the mouse to move

The left click to fly