Racing Road Block

Racing Road Block - Games Onlines Y8

Do you remember Cars? Now, Lightning McQueen is crazy driving in the street, it's too dangerous! Can you help him to avoid other vehicles and road blocks, and collect gold coins? Be careful not to crash!

In the this game of Y8 Online, to become the best racer is these challenging streets full of difficult opponents that will test your abilities and skills to the limit. Collect the powerups that will give you a better chance to win the race and move on to the next one.

Is your car a little bit slow Pick up a power up that will boost your speed for a limited time and pedal to the metal. You can also equip a rocket that you can fire and disable your opponent’s car.

Win every challenge in 12 different, engaging and difficult tracks where you can show why you are the best racer on the streets.

Having difficulties beating a level, get a faster car that will increase your speed and chances to get to the finish line in first place. Incoming missile, equip your car with a shield that will protect you from the enemy fire and a magnet to easily collect all the coins in the track.

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Instruction to play: