Burnin Rubber

Burnin Rubber is an addictive racing game full of action that you can play on y8 racing games for free! This game treats the loyal fans with many beautiful modern vehicles and unique rule play. The feature which makes the game special is that the racing cars equipped with guns.

You are on the race track including 4 parallel lanes. There are many cars moving on this track in the same direction. Before entering the competition, choose your favorite car. In the first time, you have just 2 choices: the “viper” red car with the speed of 150km/h and two armors and the “vice” white car with the speed of 175km/h and one armor in y8 games for free.

After that, select your weapon from machinegun or shotgun and start the race. Your task is to control the vehicle to go as further as possible. However there are many means of transport on the track, so you must defeat them in order to move toward. The small green car can be killed after one shot but the large orange car needs 2 shots. Thus, make a wise plan to fight against them. Furthermore, you also must avoid the dividers on the road. Try to knock down as many opponents as you can to gain the bonus points.

For each type of car, you are allowed to make a certain number of mistakes. For instance, the “viper” red car with two armors let you crash into obstacles 2 times or you can make just one mistake when using the “vice” white car with one armor. Otherwise, the game is over and you have to retry it again from the start point.

As you progress, you can unlock other modern and powerful cars such as the black car when you get 2500 points or the turquoise car when you gain 5000 points. Each type of vehicle has different speed and armors. Furthermore, a variety of weapons are waiting for you. Go as long as you can to explore the racetrack.

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Instruction to play:

Use arrows to control your car.