Run Sausage Run

Have you ever heard of a game in which a sausage is the main character? If you haven't, prepare to be amazed by the hilarious game Run Sausage Run from Y8 games online for free. Run Sausage Run is one of the most famous games online right now thanks to its unique storyline and adorable characters. Many players around the world have tried and enjoyed the game, therefore, Y8 new game brings the game to our beloved players for free!

From the name of the game, can you guess what its theme is? Well, our main character is a running sausage! The little sausage needs to outrun the dangerous slicing and dicing on the endless road. At the first impression, the game seems to have a relatively simple game physics. However, the more you play, the more special features you will stumble upon such as the frozen obstacles, the speed-up boost and so on.

Players will meet the hilarious sausage and try to save it from the knives, barbeque or steak tenderizer? Your task is to save the brown sausage, moreover, after you gain enough scores, you will be able to unlock outfits, gather power-ups, and get the highest score possible. The game has cool graphics with vivid colors, which attracts the attention of small kids and adults as well.

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Instruction to play:

Instruction: play with your mouse.