Join the awesome multiplayer word game to create a variety of international words now! In Jumbled.io, you will be able to improve your flexibility with words and learn many words from other languages. When you first enter a y8y8y8 game, you are presented with many words which are scattered on the screen.

There is a standard word on top of the y8 game screen and this word could be in any language. Can you guess what your task is? That's right. You must recreate the mentioned word in the blank space at the bottom using only the jumble of letters scattered on the playing field. However, it's not that easy. You might notice that there are many letters which lie on top of another. The letters underneath can't be used unless you remove the one on top and put it into the blocks.

Keep dragging letters into position and remember that you can't take other player’s letters out of their control. Move fast and keep searching for letters to place since the winner is the one who completes the word the fastest. The time is a crucial element in this y8 online game. In the beginning, the game might sound complicated but it is insanely fun and really intense! Will you be able to outsmart the others in order to recreate the words correctly?

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Instruction to play:

Drag your mouse to move an alphabet.