Droid O

Fight as a spaceship captain in Droid-O to defeat the invading aliens. The outsiders are amassing to get their hands on Earth and its regular assets. You are Earth's last expectation against these outsiders. In this space shooter game, you will confront an inexorably huge number of outsiders. Move your ship left and right by dragging it to kill the enemies and to save yourself from the aliens. As you play further, the aliens get stronger.

So you will need to upgrade your spaceship with some extra powers to fight against them. Thus, gather different powers like gun, Shield, Rocket to kill outsiders much quicker and score large focuses. Be careful as you will only get three lives to fight with the aliens. So, are you ready to kill all the alien invaders and protect the earth? Be the best commander of the shuttle and shield the earth from the outsiders.

Let's invite your friends to start right now into the game to collect for themselves new useful things that the game brings. Do not hesitate, allow you to try some other game genres such as Crazy Runner in City at y88 games . Play this never ending game for FREE.

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse or touch to play this games.