Let's kill some zombies! WorldZ is a cool online zombie survival game. In this Minecraft-themed game from Y8, players will get to enter the block world. In this 3D game, your only goal will be to get away from those scary zombie hordes. The scary zombies are roaming the streets in order to find some unfortunate victims and sink their teeth into your tasty flesh for a bite! Stay focus and attempt to survive for as long as possible on a land filled with bloodthirsty zombies.

The best way to defeat them in this y8y8y8 online game is to collect resources to craft useful stuff like a campfire, tools, and weapons. Aside from that, you can use many useful tools to cut down the trees to make the walls and build the house. Not only should you defend yourself but attacking is also an important task.

Use guns and other kinds of weapons to kill all attacking zombies before they get you. If you don't have enough money to buy items, look for villages to find food, vehicles and much more helpful things that will keep you alive. If you lucky, you might find a car in the local village, but be careful of the zombies.

Take down the hordes of zombies in some games like Sir Knight and Red Light Green Light.

Instruction to play:

Move with W, A, S, D, use the mouse to view and attack, jump with the spacebar, use the shift key to sprint, collect and use the objects with F key.