Gun Shark

Gun Shark is a cool distance game which you can play on y8 2018 games in both browsers and touch devices for free. In this game, you transform into a gun shark and you are exploring the deep sea. However, many obstacles are trying to close your way up. Are you brave enough to overcome many difficulties and stay alive in this hazardous world?

You will control a strong shark and lead it to hunt in the sea. There are many types of shark for you to experience and they have a different strength but many of them need to be purchased by money and each of them costs 300 stars. It means that you have to play the game and collect enough 300 stars to buy it.

The shark is moving toward automatically and you just need to adjust its direction in y8 games for kids to catch food and avoid the obstacles. Your food contains the smaller fishes with different colors such as blue, red, yellow, orange and so on. Try to catch them as many as you can to gain points. Moreover, don’t forget to collect the yellow stars which you can use to upgrade your character. Besides, the power-up can boost your speed when you touch it.

Remember to avoid the obstacles such as the bombs, submarines, the cans. You have 3 lives, whenever you touch the bombs or the cans, you lose one life but you will lose all your life as you crash the submarines. After all your lives run out, you die and lose the game. You can collect the hearted shape for more lives as swimming.

Try your best to become the strongest shark in the sea.

Don’t hesitate to tell us your feelings and assess the game. Please share the game with your friends to conquer it together. Many related games are waiting for you in as Dog Simulator: Puppy Craft and Rolling Sky.

Instruction to play:

Move your mouse to control your character.