is an excellent io game with cool cartoon characters and fun battle royal style gameplay that you can play on y8 games online for free. You are standing in the fierce battle in which everyone is trying hard to knock others out to keep themselves safe. This is an io game, so you have a chance to compete with many players around the world.

You start the game without a weapon, move around the large arena, look for the useful items and pick up many weapons on the ground for self-defense. We prepare you hundreds of weapons scattered on the ground. Walk around the map and attack your enemies before they grab a chance to kill you. You are allowed to use a collection of weapons such as machine guns, shotgun, minigun, ray gun and so on. Besides, don’t miss out other useful items in y8 kid games such as “gain speed”, “triple barrier”, “damage protection”, “acceleration”, etc.

Your health bar is displayed above you. Don’t let it run out or you lose the game. However, when you get hurt, you can use the “healthcare” items to make yourself recover.

Act fast to attack and defeat the opponents as you see them. You can try out many wonderful characters with the different skin colors but many of them are locked and you need to rank higher to unlock them. Attempt to survive as long as you can to gain the highest rank.

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Instruction to play:

Use Right click to run, Left click or spacebar to shoot, W to run, and Mouse scroll or Q to switch weapon.