is a multiplayer game which you can play for free on y8 online games. This game brings you to the war of many skillful gamers and you will experience many interesting cartoon characters with the wonderful appearance.

Before entering the arena, make a choice of your character with the different look and skin color like Batman, Hulk, zombie, mummy, Ironman and so on. One of the attractive features is that all of them are free for you to choose. Once you select the favorite person, name it and start the war. Each character possesses a special weapon like the hammer, poleax, shovel, sword, and so on.

Your objective is to go around this land and collect food. Your food is a variety of colored candies with the different colors like red, blue, yellow, etc on the ground of y8 free games. As you collect these gems, you can strengthen your weapon so that you can attack the foes easier.

You slay your opponents by wielding your weapon to hit them. After that, the killed creature will split into many bigger candies. Collect them all to grow up faster. Furthermore, if you don’t want to die immediately and lose the game, you must avoid their attacks.

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Instruction to play:

Move your mouse to control your character.