Chef Right Mix

Are you a person who loves cooking and health care for all family members? Do you always want to create unique, nutritious and delicious dishes? However, creating real-world recipes is not easy because you need to prepare a variety of ingredients and kitchen utensils. So, it is quite expensive for you to implement this dream. Haha! Moreover, you can cook the terrible dishes and spoil your kitchen.

How should you do it? There is a simple way that you can join Chef Right Mix at y8 Games for school and create any food that you love. In particular, you don’t need to prepare anything, no money, no cookware, no rules, no recipes and no consequences. Are you ready to explore this game and train your cooking skills to become a professional chef at y8 puzzle? Follow me!

To create delicious food, you first need to prepare some ingredients. To select these materials, you have to click on their icons on the screen such as peppers, vegetables, butter, onions, eggs, cucumber, chocolate, garlic, tomatoes, bread, beef, salmon, beef. In addition, you need to choose some spices such as pepper, salt, chili sauce and some other spices at play y8 free Games.

With each recipe, you can choose one or more ingredients to mix and process them. Especially, I repeat again, here you can cook with no rules or recipes. So, your creativity is free with no barriers in this game at y8 for kids school. Ready to choose some different ingredients and cook them right now!

After cooking, serving is the most important step which will evaluate the deliciousness and uniqueness of each dish. The cooker will say "Wonderful" or "Pile of crap"??? All will depend on your cooking skills at y8 kids Games. Have an awesome time with your friends! If you want to play more with some cooking games, you can try Tapman at


Instruction to play:

The players only need to use your left mouse to play the game.