Crossy Road Online

Crossy Road Online is a fun addicting game that you can play for free on y8 games for kids with no registration. This game allows players play in both browsers and touch devices.

This game brings you the real feeling of going throw a hard road full of transports. The little creature wants to go to the other side but many vehicles on the way stop him and he needs your help to guide him pass through it. The road contains plenty of lanes.

The eye-catching colorful cars are moving from two sides in y8 new games. The vehicles appear in a variety of lovely colors such as red, pink, blue, yellow, and orange. The cars are moving wave by wave without warning. They appear suddenly. Your mission in this game is to control your character to go to the opposite side without being crushed by any car.

Observe carefully, when you see that the vehicles are far away from your location, please walk fast. After going through many lanes, you see one stop point. You can stand there and take a short break before continuing the trip. Sometimes, you can go backward to avoid the dangerous transports. Do your best and don’t let one of these dangerous vehicles crush you. Otherwise, you will lose your life and the game is over. It means that you have to replay from the start point.

The further you go, the more points you can get. Earn as many scores as possible and turn them into money to unlock the new characters, sometimes you will be lucky to get a great reward and sometimes bad reward but waiting to see what reward is a very fun process.

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Instruction to play:

Use arrows to move.