Plants is the favorite game for all ages. It is an HTML game that you can play for free on our website y8 games for free directly or on smartphones and tablets. This game is about the war between the evil zombies with an aim of occupying this land and the plants who are trying their best to protect their base.

Your mission is to make a wise plan to help the plants to eliminate the evil enemies. You are standing in the rectangle land. The zombies will come from the right side to attack you and you have to prevent them from reaching the left side.

You are prepared many types of powerful plants to shoot the enemies in y8 puzzle games but you have to collect points to buy them. The energy is important in this game, it can turn into points and you need Splash Flower to produce it. Each flash line from these flowers brings you 25 points and each Splash Flower costs 50 points. In the beginning, we bring you 150 points, use them to buy the special flowers and then collect the flash power. Then you get more and more points to buy many types of plants which can attack the foes by shooting. Besides, sometimes you can see the flash line which supports you with 50 points. Collect them immediately or they will disappear after many seconds.

The more you progress, the more types of useful plants you can unlock. For example, the fire can help you damage a large number of opponents around it or the purple plant can help you knock the monster down faster.

Build many defense plants to fight against the monsters and don’t let them touch your base. Whenever one of them can reach your location, your base is evaded and you lose the game. There are 10 levels with many types of weapons for you to conquer.

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Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to play.