Horse Racing

Horse Racing is an interesting HTML5 casino game. In this game you need to bet your money on different horses to gain extra money. This is about your fortune, come here and have a try. Good luck!

  •     Enjoy a day at the races with this competitive family game of bluffing and double-crossing
  •     Go for the prize money with your own horse or secretly back another
  •     Use your Really Nasty cards to ruin other players' plans
  •     No knowledge of horse racing required
  •     For ages 12 to adult

I first played this with my flatmate who had a rather large collection of board games, safe to say I enjoyed it the first time I played it.

The really nasty horse racing game is very enjoyable especially with the full 6 player, ( I would recommend 4-6), It's a great laugh, especially since you can win with virtually nothing or loose with everything.

I decided to get my own copy, of which I am very glad I did as it is a nice addition to my collection.

The only bad game I had of this was where no one won any of their bets so we never reached high amounts of money, however we still had a good time as it was an amusing circumstance.

I would reccomend this game.


Instruction to play: