Backflip Maniac

Physics-based games always the challenge that requires players to spend much time playing, practicing and conquering. Here is a new cool physics-based jumping game for you if you love this kind of game. Backflip Maniac is all about backflipping. At y8 free games, you have to deal with many challenges. You control a ragdoll and help him land safely after he jumps from the high places and flip.

However, controlling is a true challenge as you have to put a lot of skills, patience, time and effort to get familiar with it. You will fail several times for sure. As you try and action, you will learn more about how to play, when it is the best time to act and more. Your character stands on some sort of platform and your mission is to help him jump backward and flip, then land right in the middle of the landing platform.

You can unlock the next challenge only if you land in the smallest square of the landing place. On, you also need a little bit of luck to succeed. When your character fails, he will get into an accident, but not any scary scenes will happen afterward. So you can be assured. He won’t hurt. He won’t bleed and he won’t die.

The mission becomes more challenging after each level and you may get stuck at a certain level for a long time. Don’t give up and keep trying and you will be successful. After playing this game, what about trying something new and fun as well, like Killer Assassin and Stickman Fighter Training Camp?

Instruction to play:

Use your left click to jump and flip.