Goat Guardian

Goat Guardian is a fun platform game which you can play on y8 games for free. The pet of Steven Junior loses the way in the dangerous jungle and Steven Junior is trying his best to overcome a range of difficulties to recuse him. Only Steven can rescue the goat from the crumbling mountain temple and he needs your help to escape from this places safely. You must be intelligent to make the best plan to get out of the jungle.

There are many levels with the different challenges and obstacles but the same aim of touching the goat to save him. In each level, you must jump across a variety of platforms without falling. After you have touched the platforms once, they will disappear. Thus, you must move fast and plan out your route beforehand in y8 games for school!

In each level, you have to collect the gold apple but you just can pick it after destroying all the golden blocks. Step on them to reveal the apples and collect it. Besides, try to collect the opal, purple crystal, and ruby during each level in order to get a high score. Many useful objects can help you finish your mission such as the power-up to boost your speed or the double-jump power-up. Take a careful look at all the objects to find them.

You have to finish each duty to unlock the next one. Your score is counted down from 200. It stops counting as you accomplish your aim and rescue the goat successfully.

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Instruction to play:

Use AD or left/right arrow to move and the spacebar or up arrow to jump.