Decorate Your Home

Congratulations on your new home! It is such a beautiful house with many spacious rooms and a long hallway. There's no doubt that this new house will satisfy your living style. But have you finished purchasing the necessities and furniture yet? Game Y8 1 player sends you some new models of furniture as a housewarming gift, so your only task is to place them in the position that you like.

Sound easy? Come to Decorate Your Home game online for free at to claim your gift and be the architect of your own house. Since there are many pieces of furniture, a tip is that you should take your time to check out all the items first, then decide their position later. You can decorate the rooms one by one, then continue to the hallway and the stairs. There are beds for the bedrooms, wardrobes, tables, chairs, mats, and sofas for the living rooms as well.

So how should you place them? We believe that you are a good architect and your decoration skill will make the house with a beautiful place to live in. This game is designed by y8y8y8 so that the graphics and the design are very eye-catching, yet soothing and very beautiful.

Enjoy your time with this game and others like Aurora Christmas Tree and Baby Elsa Selling Candy. Come and check it out now!

Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to drag and place the items.