Lordz2.io on Y8 is a multiplayer tower defense game set during the reigns of kings, lords, and wizards. Lordz2.io: Welcome to Lordz Conquest, a new strategy.io game in the Lordz.io universe. Build the most powerful army to conquer new areas, grow your kingdom, and unlock the finest HEROES! - NEW HEROES SYSTEM WITH EXTRA POWERS, - CAVALRY units, etc. - Hundreds of new structures to unlock new soldiers, - WALLS!! (Construct walls to keep other players out of your base.) - Advanced FORMATION system - and more, much more on http://y8games.games/

Besides, many interesting games are available for free on our site. Feel free to play. Some of the best options are Slide io and Curve Fever Pro

Instruction to play:

CONTROLS W,A,S,D or Mouse control : Movement Clic anywhere : Attack nearest building Clic on a building : Attack this building E or Right Clic : Activate Power Space : Split B : Build Menu, U : Units Menu, F : Formation Menu, Y : Units Upgrades Menu, V : Rewarded Videos Menu, C : Change Formation, M : Show Mini Map, L : Show Leaderboard Enter : Open Chat Esc : Pause Menu