Number Maze

Number Maze at y8 games online is a child intelligence tournament game with addictive numbers online. Are you ready to welcome ways from the game? Let's go! You can explore this game in your browsers. Do you love numbers? In this game, the numbers will make it difficult for you. You will appear in a maze with different numbers and dots to link. Your task in this game is to connect all the numbers and draw a line to cover all the gaps. If you completed level one. You will start at the next level.

But the later the level becomes more difficult. And there are lots of gaps that make it difficult for you to not be able to create straight lines. So then you need to use your intellect in this game to win. Take a closer look and use your brain to think about which path might be the most easily connected. And ignore the gaps required by the game. Every time you complete a level you will bring yourself some points.

The game has a multitude of different levels. Do you want to win all levels? If so, be very wise and answer all the puzzles in this game Number Maze at It's great if you share this game with your friends and invite your friends to join the game today to have the opportunity to test your brain in puzzles. word game. If you are interested in this puzzle game genre, you absolutely can explore some other similar game genres such as Swift Cats and Tomato Crush

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to answer the questions.