The best Dragonwars.io is coming to Y8 kids game! If you like the movie "How to train your dragons", we give you the chance to actually train your own dragons with Dragonwars.io! This new game joins the collection of multiplayer games and combat games at Y8 game online, and we are offering this for free.

Call your friend to try it out now! So what are you going to do in this game? You'll get a small dragon in the beginning of the game. Choose the kind of dragon that you like and name it. Each dragon has its own name, skills and personality. It's really important to choose one that most suits you. Your tasks are to grow the dragon by feeding it and to attack the enemies. As you move around the battlefield, you will find many other dragons which belong to your opponents. Avoid the bigger ones, try not getting shot at and attack the dragons that are smaller than you.

Each time you eliminate an opponent, you will get golden nuggets. You can use these golden nuggets to boost your dragon's power, buy power-ups and counterattack, so make sure to do your best.

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Instruction to play:

How to play? Control your pet by dragging the mouse and click to shoot.