Office Kissing

Office Kissing is an online funny game that you can play for free on y8 girl games. Love is in the air in the office. You will play as a handsome boy and you are working in the office. One day, you fall in love with a beautiful colleague. She sits next to you, and you two would like to kiss each other as much as possible in the working time.

However, an annoying boss is always standing in front of you all the day to monitor your activities. You must take advantage of the time when the boss is busy to kiss your pretty girl friend. While the boss isn’t watching, keep your mouse button in y8 free games pressed to kiss. For example, when the phone rings, kiss your sweetheart fast. Besides, sometimes, he will go to the water filter and doesn’t look at you.

Try to kiss as long as possible to fill the hearts but you also must be alert to stop kissing when the boss comes back. Do your best to fill as many hearts as you can before the day end and don’t get caught to gain the highest score. There are 10 hearts for you to fill and the working time starts at 9 a.m and comes to an end at 5 pm. Your boss is an unforgiving person, so he will fire you immediately if he catches you kissing.

If you fill totally 10 hearts, you can unlock a new pretty girl. Let’s have the romantic moment in the office.

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Instruction to play:

Click mouse to play.