Do you remember the classic arcade game Pacman? It's the childhood game that so many people enjoyed when they were kids. But the game can get boring after you play for too long because the map is small and the levels are not really different. So Y8 kids game developed the next generation:!

This latest game guarantees to bring many emotions and fun playtime. The graphics are a little more complex and carefully developed than Pacman, and the map which your character moves in is wider. You can freely move all over the place to explore. Unlike the original game in which you can only avoid and run away from the ghosts, in Paceman, you can even counter attack them! This gives you more control in the game and makes it more interesting.

You can eat others when hitting them from behind, but you bounce on others when hit on the front or on the sides. So make each move carefully in order to eat all the coins and gain more scores to break the record, at the same time avoiding the scary ghosts. This is really interesting, isn't it? As you reach higher levels, Y8 game for school adds some more deadly obstacles to increase the difficulty.

Come and check it out along with games like and You can control your character direction with the mouse, and click the left mouse for a bit to attack. Let's have fun with!

Instruction to play:

Use mouse to play this game