Highway Rider Extreme

Highway Rider Extreme is a fast-paced racing game on y8 games for kids. This fun motorbike racing game brings you a chance to try on many modern motorbikes and challenge your racing skills in the hard race full of vehicles. Have you got a need for speed? Don’t hesitate anymore, put on your helmet and ride your motorbike in this extremely dangerous track!

You possess a modern motorbike and your mission is to drive it and reach the endpoint safely. There are tons of traffics such as the cars and trucks on the way that you’ll need to avoid. If you crash them, you will lose many points. Change your direction on time when you are on the bends in order not to crash the barriers of y8 games for free.

In addition to this, you can see the gold coins when racing. They are scattered, change your lane wisely to collect as many of them as possible but you also need to observe to avoid other cars on the lanes.

Each level requires you to finish the line in 23 seconds but you can earn bonus time by dodging traffic and overtaking other vehicles closely. Do your best to race against the clock and reach checkpoints to unlock the next race track. You must have quick reactions and fast fingers to control your motorbike and guide it through other cars in order not to get damage.

Remember to collect coins as you ride to purchase new and improved motorbikes and upgrades.

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Instruction to play:

Use left and right arrow to steer