Angry Snake

Angry Snake is a fun io game that you can play for free in y8 kids games. in this addicting game, you must control the angry looking snake to go further and become longer and larger. You play in an area full of food and other strong snakes. Before entering the adventure, you are allowed to choose your favorite skin color such as yellow, red, blue, green and so on but all the snakes have one thing in common – their angry faces.

Because it is an, you can exchange and compete with plenty of players in the world at the same time. The task of this game is so simple, you must collect the glowing dots that are scattered around the map. The more dots you collect, the longer you are. Besides, you should attempt to destroy the other angry snakes by crossing their path and make them crash into you in y8 games for kids.

Once you destroy an enemy, you can collect their remains and grow even larger. As you become bigger, it is easier for you to surround your enemies and destroy them. However, you need to avoid being attacked by your opponents. If you let them crash into your body, you will disappear and lose the game.

Furthermore, you can also use a speed boost but this boost is not good enough. It decreases your mass over time so use it sparingly! Try your best to dominate your opponents and become the angriest snake in the arena?

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Instruction to play:

Move your mouse to control the snake and click the mouse to use the speed boost.