Piggy Looking For The Sea Road

Are you a fan of the pink piggy? In Piggy Looking For The Sea Road, you will have a chance to meet him in an interesting journey of y8 games for kids. This game is created for kids who are at the age from 4 to 16. It is about the adventure in the sea of a little piglet, he is looking for the road to cross to the other side. However, she can’t go alone because plenty of deadly traps are waiting in front of him.

Lend him a hand to avoid the harmful obstacles and finish the line. Help the pink pig get in the boat and start the trip. Move toward but watch out in order not to trap.

The floating garbages can harm you by destroying your boat, so don’t let it touch them. They may be the old televisions, used bottles, cans and so on. Sometimes, you can see the sharks swim toward you, evade them or they will puncture  your boat. Change your direction to the left or right to not crushing into them.

We prepare you 3 lives in each time playing, whenever you touch the harmful object, you lose one life. The game is over as all 3 lives are gone. In addition to this, you get one point for each time you come across the trash.

Try your best to set a record. Share the game with your buddies to take part in the journey together. Vote it 3 stars and leave your comments to encourage us. Explore more games at http://y8games.games/ like BFFs Girls Team and Hospital Hustle.

Instruction to play:

Click mouse or tap or use arrows to move.