Slap & Run

Slap And Run is a casual game where your job is to make your way through a setting while dealing out slaps to every character you meet. If you want to reach the finish line with a good score, you need to intercept as many people as you can to fill your energy bar.

In this addictive game you’re the city’s top slapper, and everybody needs to know! People are calmly strolling down the sidewalk, enjoying their day, and you can’t stand it! Pull out your slapping gloves and get ready to cause chaos as you run around town slapping the living daylights out of everyone you meet.

Happy couples, peaceful cyclists, and even patrolling cops, nobody is safe from your slap-happy spree! Of course, nobody enjoys getting blindsided, so get ready for the chase of your lifetime. The more people you slap, the bigger the crowd that will try to chase you down. Keep on racking up those slaps while you avoid obstacles and projectiles that will slow you down. You don’t want to know what happens when the mob gets its hands on you.

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Instruction to play:

Mouse or keyboard to play.