Time Scale

Time Scale

Date added: 25/11/2018

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A game with classic character creation will be very attractive to the player, right? Why not participate in the game to have a new experience, discover new things that other games have not brought.

I'm sure you will be fascinated. Time Scale at unblock y8 games will show you that becoming a winner is not easy. Because it has many challenges that require you to have the skill to be able to overcome. Have you grasped the rule yet?

Do not worry I will guide you. Let's get started! Your task in this game is to overcome the obstacles on the way by jumping and moving. Watch and look around, avoid the things that can make you fail.

And if you are struggling with many obstacles, do not be afraid, you can completely control the slowdown time. It's great, is not it? You control the little explorer who crosses the deadly traps, which no ordinary person can do. You are doing very good! Move faster and be careful you will be the winner immediately.

Try to pass each level, you will become an excellent adventurer. Time Scale at http://y8games.games/ always requires you to be smart and proficient in the move. But when you play it will not be pressured by time, it will give you the best feeling. What are you hesitant about?

Invite friends to join the game for the most enjoyable experience. If you love this game, you should discover some similar games like Crypt Shyfter: Frostfall and Gunslinger Wild Western Wolf. Good luck! 

Game controls:

You can use the arrows on the keyboard to move, shift to slow down time. 

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