Traffic Car Racing

Traffic Car Racing is a fun driving game which you can play on y8 best games for free. You are taking to a highway full of means of transport. You must show off your driving skills to go through this dangerous road without causing an accident. The most difficult feature in this game is that you have to drive in the opposite direction of the other vehicles.

Before entering the racetrack, you are allowed to choose your favorite car among 7 modern vehicles with the different designs including the sports cars and roadsters. Besides, the colors of them are also diversified with yellow, silver, blue, black and so on. All of them are free for you at all time. There are 4 lanes on the road in y8 exciting games. You can change your lane whenever you feel dangerous.

There are plenty of vehicles coming from the opposite direction. They appear suddenly from the sudden lane. Thus, you must be careful and drive to the left or right lane in order to avoid crashing them. If you cause an accident, you die and lose the game. The further you move, the more points you get.

In addition to this, you can also collect a red bubble power-up that protects you from damage for a small amount of time. Besides, there are many coins scattered along the way, you should collect them as many as you can to get bonus points. Each coin is equivalent to 5 points.

Try your best to conquer the game!

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Instruction to play:

Use left/right arrow or left click to steer the car.