Lego Dc Mighty Micros

Lego Dc Mighty Micros is an online racing game that you can play on y8 kid games for free. This game is the racing competition among the superhero lego characters on the street. You are in a dilapidated city and another lego challenge you to catch him. Thus, you have to control your own car to chase and capture him.

You can become the Batman and drive your car on the road full of obstacles. Besides, you can choose different characters with the different appearance. You also have a collection of race tracks to conquer. Try your best to complete them one by one. Your enemy is in front of you and you must speed up in order to catch up with him. The road contains many overpasses, be careful when getting on the bridge in order not to drop out of it in y8 games online.

Various block separators stand everywhere on the road, you should collect them for bonus points. Besides, don’t forget to pick the gold studs which you can use to unlock new characters, environments and stories. Catch the Batman icons on the road to

One more interesting feature is that you can become a DC Super Hero to catch the villain and save the city and even a villain and escape the city before the hero can catch you. Gain the strange but exciting experiences with the game!

Please rate the game 5 stars if you love it. Leave your feedback and introduce your friends to meet the superhero lego. Explore more games on like Crazy Courier Ride and Racing Battlegrounds.

Instruction to play:

Click and hold the steering then move the mouse to control the car.