Jigsaw Master

Jigsaw Master is an amazing jigsaw game on Y8games.games, you can hardly find a better jigsaw game than this one. There are many different pictures are waiting for you, you can enjoy it when you have time. Have fun!

A timeless jigsaw puzzle game with the coolest set of puzzles ever on Y8Y8 Games! Get your daily dose of great relaxation, artistic fun, and brain stimulator, all at the same time. This relaxing puzzle game features loads of high quality jigsaw masterpieces to put together piece by piece!

A perfect way to relax! Master the classiest game ever! A total delight from beginning to the very last piece! Find all the hidden things! Put together easily and never get confused with "does-this-piece-go-here-or-not?"! You will completely enjoy every minute of it snapping together the right pieces!


* Timeless jigsaw puzzle game everyone loves to play!
* Clear, detailed, bright artwork & photography!
* Over 100 Themes of Amazing HD Puzzles!
* As hard or easy as you want!
* Challenging enough to keep you interested!
* Over 10 categories: from nature to space trip!
* Up to 100 pieces to play with!
* Every day - Get Free & Featured Puzzle of a Day!
* Change the number & size of pieces!
* Turn any photo from your gallery into a jigsaw puzzle!
* No missing or dropped pieces! Fells into place perfectly in the end!
* Use piece rotation to make it a super tricky brain teaser!
* Shuffle and rearrange pieces with auto arrange!
* The more you look at it, the more interesting stuff you find!
* Exclusive content with constant updates of puzzle packs!
* Bring friends together for a teamwork puzzle party!
* Exciting family entertainment! Enjoy with the whole family!
* Challenge yourself for a better score with a stopwatch!
* Great to play any time of the day and at any place!
* Pleasant sounds to relax and let go of worries!
* Share your completed creations with your friends!

There is something addicting about that little sound when the final piece fits in! Relax, clear your thoughts, forget your worries and get your mind away from everything with thousands of beautiful HD puzzles in the palm of your hand!

 What's New in Version 1.3

Wherever YOU are in the world, hello there!

Puzzly 1.3 is http://y8games.games/, full of enjoyable FUN! Here what’ve been up to:

Instruction to play: