Ninja Action 2

Ninja Action 2 is an online running game which allows you to play on y8 funny games for free. This game brings you the chance to not only relax but also practice your reflexion skills. Besides, it is also suitable for the people who love adventure. You will play a ninja with special skills in this game. It is your duty to explore an endless road full of challenges and go as far as possible to earn points.

Your special ability is that you can walk on the wall and change the gravitation without falling. There are 2 opposite walls, the ninja is running automatically and you just have to lead him to change the platform by jumping from one wall to the opposite one to avoid the obstacles. The roads are not flat, they have many zigzags, so when you see the protrusions, you must change your platform in y8 games for kids.

If you crash anything, you fall out and die immediately. Sometimes, you get the red ninja who is running from the reverse direction, you must dodge him, too or you also drop out. Furthermore, on the way, there are many scattered coins which bring you more points. Try your best to collect them as many as you can by touching them. There is a useful item that helps you attract all the coins around you without touching and it is called the magnet. You can pick them on your way.

Attempt to gain the highest score and set a record in this game.

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Instruction to play:

Click your mouse to change the platform.