Egypt Stone War

Egypt Stone War is a fun tower defense game which you can play on y8 games online for free. You are a citizen of Egypt and your country is being attacked by the evil undead mummies. You must defend your Egyptian Pharaoh from incoming attacks of the enemies by killing them all. You have stones launching machine and use it as the weapons to assault the thrilling creatures.

You are standing on top of a defensive tower and compete with the foes one by one. You must use your mighty catapult to launch stones at the enemy catapults. You stand still but your enemies appear in the different location in each time. Sometimes, they appear at a long distance from your position, but sometimes they stand in front of you at a short distance.

You are allowed to launch the stone many times, so act constantly to kill them before they grab the chance to attack you. You only have three lives and you lose a life each time you get hit by an enemy. Whenever all your 3 lives are gone, you lose the game. You launch the stones by drawing back your catapult using the left-click button and mouse movement. The longer you hold the left-click button for, the more power your shot has. Furthermore, you can use your defensive shield which protects you from incoming attacks for a certain period of time.

You get one point for each killed mummy. Try your best to gain the highest score.

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Instruction to play:

Drag the left mouse backward to set power, release to launch.