Road Of Fury 3

Road Of Fury 3 is a fun platform game which you can play on y8 games for free. The world is falling apart, but the Corp has an important mission to pull it together, and you’re the only man your boss can rely to. To save the world, you have to eliminate the evil guides whose aim is to invade the earth.

You possess an awesome vehicle armed with a powerful machine gun and your duty is to get rid of all Horseman Gang members. You are in a desert to chase down the evil horseman gang across a series of barren wastelands. Your enemies drive the different vehicles such as the trucks, high-speed motorbikes, or even the UFOs. All of them are equipped with modern weapons like the shotguns or the rockets.

Your foes are in front of you and you must follow them to shoot at them and eliminate them. They appear wave by wave, so you must pay the highest attention to shoot them directly. Besides, all of them also attack you at the same time. Thus, you must kill them before they can knock you down. Watch out the UFOs on the sky, they can throw the rockets at you. Your health bar is next to you, don’t let them run out or your car is damaged and you will die. Try your best to complete the first mission to unlock the next one. Each level requires you to reach a certain distance. Attempt to survive to reach the target.

Please rate the game 5 stars if you think it is attractive. Invite your friends to enter the war together. Explore more interesting games like Road Racer at

Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to aim and you are shooting automatically.