Click Beheaded

Click Beheaded is the one-player game which is created for fans to play for free with no registration. Do you know ninja, the hero in Japan? He has a strong power and he acts with an aim of keeping the peace. In this game, you have an opportunity to take a role of a ninja.

Your mission is to control the ninja and help him fight against plenty of bad guys. They are so strong and fast that sometimes you find it’s difficult to eliminate. You will play on the rooftop of the tall building in y8 games for children. Your enemies appear one by one. After you kill one foe, another guy appears. Each time you and your opponent show in a different direction.

You kill the enemies by clicking or touching on your side, then the ninja slays them by using his sword. For instance, you are standing on the left side, you have to click your mouse on the left side and you should touch the right side as you are on the right of the place.

You must act fast if you don’t want to kill. Click your mouse before you go to the middle of the screen. Observe the direction you come from to attack fast. One killed enemy brings you one point. The more people you can slay, the more scores you get. Let’s practice and have much fun!

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Instruction to play:

Tap or click on the screen to attack.