Blocky Combat Swat: Offline

Blocky Combat Swat: Offline is the one-player game that you can play on y8 games for kids for free. It allows you to immerse yourself in the matches against AI controlled bots. There are plenty of missions as well as challenges for you to test your ability.

The game contains 4 challenging game modes to play: find object which requires you to find all hidden objects on each map to complete the mission, kill number of enemies, time to survive whose’s rule play is to attempt to survive in a certain amount of time, and wave system in which you have to fight against a number of enemies. You can unlock the new mission if you complete the previous one. Each mode has several maps for you to play such as the castle, castle V2, fury, house, mine boy, platform and so on and you also complete one mission to start the new one.

You have to go around the area, find the target or kill the foes. Shoot them directly at the head to eliminate them faster. You gain 100$ when killing the dog and 200$ for the dead person. The time is counted on the top of the screen, try your best to finish the level in the shortest time for bonus money. Use your money to buy new weapons and ammunition. Besides, you have a chance to try out a variety of weapons like the machine guns, submachine guns, pistols and grenade launchers. Can you conquer all the challenges of the game?

Please rate the game highly and leave your comments if you fond of it. Invite your friends to play the game together and see who will be the winner first. Explore more similar games like Minecraft Hidden Stars and MineWorld Horror.

Instruction to play:

Use WASD or arrow keys to move, Left click to shoot, E to interact, C to crouch and Tab to access the menu.