Combat Penguin

Combat Penguin is an online shooting game which you can play on y8 games for free. In the North Pole area, there is a house of the Combat Penguin. One day, an army of the snowman is coming and destroy his house. Thus, he is trying to protect his house by shooting and eliminating the snowman. They appear wave by wave. That means you must act fast to prevent them from touching your base.

You possess a cannon and you are standing on your roof. The enemies are coming toward you. In the beginning, they walk slowly but after a moment, they are becoming faster and faster. Thus, you must pay the highest attention, aim accurately and shoot constantly at them to slay them.

There are many levels in y8 games for kids for you to play. To unlock the next one, you must complete the previous level. The snowman with a shield is stronger than the others, so it takes your time to kill him. Destroy the enemies before they reach your house. If you let 3 opponents approach your base, they can demolish your base and you lose the game.

You earn money from killing the foes and you can use it to upgrade your character and the weapon. You can buy the accessories for the penguin such as the hat, glasses, and so on. Besides, you can upgrade your weapon by changing the “damage”, “armor”, and “overheating”. Each of them costs a different number of coins.

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Instruction to play:

Click mouse to shoot.